Dale A. Swanson
Award Winning Author
An American Novelist, Poet, Screenwriter and Playwright

Swanson's prose is crisp and swift. His work is well-sculpted and tautly written, always captivating.

Swanson’s novels, Tears of Sorrow and The Thirty-Ninth Man, adhere strictly to historical fact though its narrative is fictional. They are from a part of our past that has been glossed over in our history books. They are stories that needed to be told and he does it well. 

Tears of Sorrow, is being lauded as a “Must read of 2018.” The Star Tribune listed his first book, The Thirty-Ninth Man, as readers choice for “Best Book Read in 2013.” Swanson’s second book, The Wild Ways-Mystery of the Hanging Tower, is a cleverly written fantasy chapter book for nine-to-ninety year old's published in 2015. 

Swanson’s historical novels are a pleasure to read and his intricately interwoven lessons about American history leave you entertained and enlightened.